• October 22, 2010

Chevrolet Camaro 2010: Combination of Style, Power and Affordability – Review of the Car

Chevrolet Camaro 2010

The Chevrolet Camaro is a sensational automobile designed and manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand. This car is also known to be PONY CAR and in some cases MUSCLE CAR. It started its chronological journey back in1966, designed to compete with Ford Mustang at that time. Since then it incessantly evolved and developed into what we see today; a fifth generation in of Chevrolet Camaro with all its past class, superior style and immense power.

Key Specs

To further get into know-how, the rear wheel drive Chevrolet Camaro gives an original and muscular look. It gives the impression of being a bull ready to charge and contend. One strongly agrees with the idea that manufactures of this car have three important thoughts in their grey matter when they were designing it; gorgeous style, high quality performance and affordable price. And without any doubt they have achieved all three of them.

High Performance by means of V6 and V8

What makes it top performer? Its hood has aV6 that makes 304 horsepower with six speed manual transmission ready to burst the supremacy. It can go from 0-60 mph in 6.0 seconds, thanks to 300 horse power produced by V6 engine. The car costs less than its competitive cars. Moreover it is also very fuel economical utilizing 1 gallon for 17 miles. The second more powerful version is V8 powered Camaro with manual transmission, with even better acceleration, 0-60mph in astonishing 5 seconds, thanks to 426 hp producing V8 engine. Its economy is 16 mpg, far better than other V8 cars present today. The Camaro direct injected 3.6 liter V6 is the same sophisticated engine that’s an extra cost option on Cadillac luxury sedan offers, while the 6.2 liter V8 in the manual transmission Camaro SS is borrowed from the base Corvette.

Flexible Up to date Packages

Both the Camaro versions come with two flexible packages. For customers who believe in telecommuting, the Chevrolet presents Convenience and Connectivity Package, which provides utilities including a Bluetooth device, Steering wheel mounted audio convenience controls, USB ports in dash board; leather wrapped stylish steering wheel and voguish shift knob. The subsequent package is for trend lovers, focusing on car’s exterior. It is provided with xenon head lights, 20 inch aluminum wheels and a spoiler to name the least.

Changing The Trend: Camaro’s Interior

When it comes to muscle cars, the interior is tasteless, flat and dull. But in case of Camaro, this tail has a twist. Camaro has an extraordinary modern ergonomic interior with outstanding finishing. The steering wheel is very stylish and fits human hands perfectly. The dashboard also gives a bold look and bona fide feeling. Moreover the car is also well known for its safety features. Key safety preferences include antilock disk brakes, stability control, front seat side airbags and full length side curtain airbags.

Flawless Handling and Controls

If you want to have faultless controls, you got it right; Camaro is the answer to your question. The owners of Camaro found it to be exceptionally outstanding when it comes to strong breaks, ideal handling and commanding controls. The car handles smartly even at high pursuits, making it number one choice for customers.

To end this overall conversation, 2010 is the best year for General Motors when it comes to their brand Chevrolet. The car has won many honors due to its gallant exterior stylish looks. The best reward was World Car Design of the Year 2010 award. So without any doubt, Chevorlet Camaro is a car with no excuses what so ever. Even its V6 version can compete and contend with other top of the line muscle cars present today. Customer is the king and in today’s knowledge based economy, he has a lot of choices with few decisions to make.

Camaro is an option with not only focused on power, but also its capable handling abilities, amazing styling and impossible to notice inexpensive pricing makes it the final preference for many people. With some problems like limited outward visibility, tighter rear seat and some aspects of interior being considered by critics as dull, it is expected that the 2011 model will be state of the art class, flawless from every angle.

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