• September 23, 2013

Chevrolet Continues To Give Top Car Tips

Chevrolet-Car-TipsChevrolet believes to deliver high level of satisfaction to its customers long after they have purchased a car from this big brand. With the help of their great tips, their valued customers can enjoy a clean and performance efficient car throughout the year. If you follow the healthy car care tips of Chevrolet you would be able to enjoy a good time with your friends and family even in hot summer season. Chevrolet takes great care of a car during the production phase and therefore with a little care, one can maintain the shiny and the new look of a car for years. All Chevrolet vehicles have really fascinating paintwork for which the brand uses high quality paint from the top shelves and provides it protection with a high tech see through the coating. This keeps the paint protected from harmful road grim however, you need to take care of your vehicle to make it usable for years.

To increase the life of your vehicle charm, Chevrolet created a car wash guide especially for the summer season.

Following are the tips that a Chevy car owner should take into consideration.

For Washing

  • Spray water on the surface of the paint to remove any kind of dirt.
  • Never rub or wipe the dirt from the car when it is dry as it leads to scratches.
  • Don’t use detergents/kitchen washing up liquids.
  • Avoid washing car in the sun or immediately after driving.
  • Start washing from the top of the car (roof) and work down.
  • Never wash your car on a gravel drive using high pressure water source.

For Waxing

  • To the surface gloss, your car needs to polish that also removes paint defects if any.
  • Waxing is important to protect your paintwork from UV and harsh environmental factors. Use a soft cloth or your finger and run over the surface of the car after washing, if your finger drags or the cloth creates squeaking noise, your car needs waxing.
  • Use a polymer based polish for waxing.

Wheel care

Always wash the wheels of the car with the rest of the car using soapy warm water or the water you used to wash your car. Wash the wheels thoroughly to remove dirt. It is good to use water pressure to clean wheels.

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