• December 3, 2012

Chevrolet Introduces Corvette C7 in Grand Turismo 5

Chevrolet has been working on various levels to market and promote some of the new vehicles that are going to hit the streets in the future. Now the company has decided to team up with Sony Computer Entertainment America and offer gamers with all new camouflaged Corvette C7 Test Prototype. Chevrolet said that this will be the right way to promote the new vehicle that can be downloaded in the critically acclaimed PS3 racing game Grand Turismo 5. The car manufacturer claims that this will offer some really good experience to the fans when they drive the vehicle in the game.

Chevrolet has said that they have collaborated with Polyphony Digital Inc to bring out the award winning Grand Turismo franchise and now they have decided to take the driving experience in the game to the next level by including the seventh generation Corvette prototype which is only available to handful of people in the world.

Chevrolet claims that they have paid lot of attention to the overall design and prototype of the vehicle making it almost duplicate of the vehicle in the real world. Chris Perry Vice President of Chevrolet Global Marketing said that so far the car is only authorized to some of the most skilled drivers in the world and have been driven on the most challenging tracks in the world. The company said that through this game they will be able to offer the same vehicle to the fans and gamers around the world and they can feel the vehicle for the first time ever.

The vehicle is available for download through PlayStation Store from the PlayStation 3 at no additional cost. Chevrolet said that all the earlier models of Corvette are available for download in the game. SCEA believes that this will definitely push the sales of the game ahead as more gamers would like to download and drive the vehicle.

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