• January 16, 2015

Chevrolet Offers Rearview Crash Avoidance Technology to Help Drivers

Chevrolet Offers Rearview Crash Avoidance Technology to Help Drivers

Crash avoidance technologies are becoming common these days and Chevrolet has made an announcement that many of the new cars that they will launch in 2015 will have two crash avoidance technologies on selected Chevrolet vehicles. The cars will have rear vision camera and rear cross traffic alert that will ensure that drivers can see clearly on the rear side of the vehicle before they crash into trash cans, lamp posts and even other vehicles. Chevrolet claims that the new technologies will help the driver to see clearly and reduce potential for damage to vehicles, belongings and landscaping.

The technology works automatically when the driver puts the car in the reverse gear. When the car shifts into reverse gear the rear camera will provide a scene directly behind the vehicle that will help drivers to handle their vehicle in a better way. The image is removed as soon as the car shifts out from the reverse gear or if the vehicle speed exceeds 5 mph. Chevrolet believes that the rear vision camera have helped many drivers across the globe to control their vehicle in the reverse gear and works better than using the rear view mirrors. The technology is unaffected by regular car washes and also remains dirt and mud-free.

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