• August 19, 2013

City of Torrance gets 2014 Accord Plug-In from Honda

hondaThe City of Torrancetransportation needs get even more advanced with the entry of 2014 Accord Plug-In. This is a continuation of the progressive vehicle testing efforts from the Japanese auto giant. Torrance gets one more option to decrease CO2 and tailpipe emissions. The Plug-In from Honda is simply perfect for more fuel efficient travels for longer distances with the hybrid motor and an electric motor for the city driving. This is a careful and measured approach from Honda to further its progress in the field of electric-drive vehicles. The vehicle can operate for 13 milesin electric-only mode before it transits togasoline-electric hybrid and gasoline modes.

Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto was presented the Accord Plug-In by the vice president of the Environmental Business Development Office, Steven Center. The ceremony took place at American Honda and is a mark of Honda’s sustained relationship with the City of Torrance. The city has always counted on Honda for sustainable and advanced transportation solution. It has always played an essential role in the evolution of electric drive vehicles and their progress. There are much more options for the customer today in the new auto technologies.City of Torrance has been able to reduce its CO2 emissions by about 74%.

Honda and the City of Torrance work together and are proud of their team in getting to and using convincing solution for minimizing CO2 emissions and work on their CO2 reduction goals.The introduction of the Accord Plug-In will enhance their efforts to further decrease CO2 from the city’s operations.Accord Plug-In is one of the most fuel effective sedan in the U.S and you can find the vehicle only at the selectHonda dealers from California and New York. You will be impressed by the aesthetic craftsmanship and well as the new styling in the 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in.

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