• January 21, 2019

What You Can Claim against Your Personal Accidental Injuries

What You Can Claim against Your Personal Accidental Injuries

Due to the extra load of traffic on the roads, the chances of hitting an accident have got immensely increased. Unfortunately, if you get injured in a road accident, it is quite possible that you may also get a number of subsequent personal injuries. You must be well aware of how to handle yourself in case you get some serious injuries. For proper handling, you must know what types of serious injuries you may hit with. These may include head and brain injuries, back injuries, broken bones, burns, muscle damages, paralysis, amputation, etc. The most important thing to do is to keep your nerves cool and recompose yourself at the earliest. Try to help yourself with the injuries at the maximum; otherwise, go to the nearest hospital at once.

What to claim for?

As for the claim against your personal injuries, you may consult with the relevant lawyers like Miami personal injury attorneys, etc. This is your moral and legal right to claim for your physical and financial loss. This may also include the loss of current and future earnings, damaged clothing, travel costs, etc. Besides, you may also claim for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, any additional equipment you have had to buy just because of your accidental injuries.

To what extent you can claim

Obviously, it depends upon the severity of your injury as to how much you may receive as your claim. It further depends upon:

  1. The extent to which your injury has caused long-term or permanent disability.
  2. The extent to which you have got scarred, disfigured or psychologically disrupted.
  3. How much your life has got disturbed overall.
  4. How much previously decided court cases suggest.

Loss of earnings claim

If you have to take yourself off from your work, you can claim for your financial damages. You will be entitled to the amount you would have taken home if there had been no accident. Here, your gross earnings will not be considered as the parameter. Rather, your average take-home pay for the last three months before the accident is considered. Your employer may be consulted in this regard and you may be asked to present the last three salary slips.

Likewise, you may have to keep yourself off from your job for a few more months just because of the accident. In this case, you may claim for your loss on the basis of your average take-home salary for these months.

Miscellaneous claims

In case of serious long-term injuries, you may claim the cost of items like wheelchairs, etc. Similarly, you have the right to claim for the nursing or care costs as well. The loss regarding the damages to clothing or other belongings as well as the travel costs may also be claimed.

Thus, you can see that law allows you to claim for the compensation against your personal accidental injuries. But, it is always better to stay safe.

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