• August 10, 2009

Click to drive: GM, eBay join to sell new cars online

Buy Cars OnlineIt is now easier to buy cars online. General Motors and eBay has come in contract with their trial program starting Tuesday.

The dealers at 225 locations are about to participate from California to run a program from Tuesday. This program is about to continue till 8th September. The details of the program would be available from gm.ebay.com.

The site allows people to compare the prices of varied cars and arrange finances accordingly. It is a great eye opening procedure to buy this way as advertisement prices come with offers that are too splendid to resist. The site has also launched in the trade-in program that takes for eBay’s auctioning system a notch ahead. The “Buy It Now” option bears some of the hottest deals that advertisers have held up so far.

The program launching on August 11th gives you the best options that you can get otherwise. The hottest deals that can come up with your online buying are up right there and you can even make arrangements for selling off your old car.

Online Buying

The cars will be picked up from the dealership after your purchase. You would also have to send the car you are selling to the dealer. From there it is going to be sent to the customer.

Source: news.cnet

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