• May 20, 2014

Comparing Vehicle Protection Premiums In NJ

New Jersey auto insurance quotesThe state of New Jersey has one of the highest rates of car accidents in the United States of America. As one of the most densely populated regions in the nation, such statistics about NJ are not surprising. Therefore, the auto insurance premiums in New Jersey tend to be more expensive compared to other states. Heavy vehicle traffic is also due to the proximity to New York City. Drivers in the Garden State can still receive fair rates on their vehicle insurance policy.

Drivers of NJ must purchase at least a standard coverage to protect themselves and other passengers. Bodily injury liability coverage can pay up to $500,000 in compensation for major physical trauma to anyone involved in a car accident. Property damage liability is another policy that is mandatory in New Jersey. Up to $100,000 can be paid out to the appropriate owners of property that has been damaged by insured motor vehicles.

Personal injury protection is also featured on a standard insurance plan that is valid in NJ. Last but not least, uninsured motorist coverage is a mandatory policy that protects against other drivers that do not carry a proper form of auto insurance. In NJ, collision and comprehensive coverage is considered to be optional.

Auto insurance companies of NJ use a point system to evaluate the risk of insured drivers. For example, each traffic violation corresponds to a certain accumulation of points. Needless to say, the monthly rates for auto insurance rates go up as drivers receive more points on their driving record. Defensive driving programs can be used to erase some of these points that contribute to high monthly premiums.

To get the best possible rates, New Jersey auto insurance quotes are available online. Tech savvy consumers can use websites to compare different premium and deductible rates on standard and optional insurance rates. Additionally, it is possible to discover office locations and branches of specific auto insurance companies. Some consumers still want to have the chance to speak with an agent that can explain all aspects of an auto insurance plan in New Jersey.

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