• July 29, 2013

Concept of Mini Vision gets Unveiled

miniThe future of the Mini hatchback was unveiled by the Head of the Mini design, Anders Warming, at Munich in the Mini Design@Home event. The design looks too futuristic to be true, however some key elements of the design could determine what the final product might look like at the end of this year. There are minor modifications in the concept, although it resembles the present Mini in many ways.

Exterior Job

The exteriors are influenced by the current Mini with black pillars and a different roof top color. However, there is a metallic outline around the wheel arches, window sills and the forward edge of the front doors. The concept showed a three wheeler hatchback with a long door. The rear sports dual exhaust outlets which have been placed in the center. The tail lamps and head lamps seem to have been carved from the body of the car. The front grill has been adopted from the present Mini, but this time it also sports fog lamps with a chrome strip. There is a circle of LED lights around the head lamps which serve as daylight guides. Two air intakes under each of the head lamps indicate that the car concept has been aerodynamically designed.

Getting the Interiors Right

The insides sport a minimalistic design with a retro look. There colors of blue orange and black have been judiciously used along with white metallic parts. The door trims have been given an English look with a Union Jack design. The seats of the Mini Vision seem to be of the lounge category. Rest of the interiors seemed fictional.

The next Mini is also supposed to be released in a five seat version. Also there can be a front wheel Front wheel drive or an automatic transmission in the hatchback.

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