• May 3, 2010

Construction with the Very 1St Renault-Nissan Alliance Project

Renault-Nissan Alliance

The construction of the very 1st Renault-Nissan Alliance Battery Plant in Europe has some of the most important production rate of lithium-ion based batteries. They have begun at Sunderland, UK and their chief operation has been going on at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

Photo by cliff1066

There are supposed to be new groundbreaking works that have been proposed in the ceremony. The Nissan’s Sunderland car plant has been marking the beginning of this £210-million project. There will be new operations working from 2012 along with initial annual reports. The capacities have been growing through 60,000 units. The operation will work on supplying fresh batteries to Nissan as well as Renault electric vehicles.

There would be new plants that would be created along with 200 new jobs given by Nissan along with the further extension of their supply chain all across US. There are the previously announced new locations and one of them would be in Cacia, Portugal. These plans would make battery production at a wider scale. There would also be the one in France at the Renault’s Flins plant.

There would be 2nd battery production located through the Nissan LEAF vehicles along with the JUKE compact crossover features. These would enter the production in August 2010 along with the Nissan’s Oppama Plant in Japan. This is going to be another global production unit while the LEAF would be working with it. The first really affordable mass production zero-emission and battery operated vehicle would thus come across the world in a big way.

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