• October 29, 2009

Consumer Report-Michelin is a Top Rated Tire

Now when cold and snowy weather is about to come, it is high time to be well prepared for a new season. The main preoccupation of the majority of drivers is tire replacing. It is common knowledge that some drivers use worn tires so that to save money. Well, think it over carefully, because saving money this way you may put at risk the condition of the car and your safety.

 SPhoto by ILMV

But even if you prefer to buy new tires the choice is quite may be difficult. What should you pay attention to first of all and what tire brands provide the best tires? You can get an answer to all your questions thanks to Consumer Reports testing aimed at testing different types of tires and comparing tire brands.

Those who use Michelin tires, it is your time to rejoice, because four types of Michelin tires were rated the best by Consumer Reports. In general, 69 Michelin models of a (P) 215/60R16 size were tested. It is worth mentioning that other sizes are expected to perform the same excellence. Michelin tires prices for a size tested are ranged from $106 to $126.

The Consumer Report testing comprises such testing categories as handling, snow traction, ride comfort, wet and dry braking, rolling resistance, noise and so on. But keep in mind that if a tire is recognized the best, it does not mean her excellence in each category. Every type is designed for definite weather and road conditions.

It amazes that testers use the same tire size and test cars so that to ensure equal conditions. There are also some changes in the last test. Now besides total scores you can compare the tires’ performance in one category, for example, you can compare only a tire’s rolling resistance.

In spite of a choice you will make, anyway, good luck on winter roads.

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