• May 6, 2009

Corvette Prices Drop, Ideal for Enthusiasts & Collectors

With GM’s recent announcements of cost-cutting measures and production slowdowns, there’s a silver lining for some. For current Corvette owners, GM’s financial woes may be good news: in a few years, they may be sitting on a rare collectible. And with lower used car prices, for others it means the opportunity to pick up a used Corvette at a price too good to pass up.

For forward-thinking owners and collectors, the chance to own this icon of American sportscars is a golden opportunity. Many are choosing to protect and enhance the value of their investment in small ways, including adding some protective Corvette floor mats.

Corvette Floor Mat

Others are taking the opportunity to pick up older generations, such as the C5, and adding a touch of their own personal style. From a simple set of Corvette gauges to extensive performance modifications, it’s easier than ever for people to purchase their dream car and make it their own.

Chevrolet Corvette

With one more factor – the rise of online specialty merchants like CorvetteGuys – parts are more available than ever. Regardless of what happens with GM, the iconic Corvette will continue to be an admired and beloved car in collections and dominant on the track.

Chevrolet Corvette

Savvy shoppers should take the chance to pick up the car they’ve always wanted, at a price they won’t see again (if ever). Dealer incentives are an additional reason to buy a Corvette now, and pat yourself on the back later when everyone asks you where you got that rare model year!

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