• July 23, 2018

How Data Can Help Your Driving Experience 

How Data Can Help Your Driving Experience 

There are millions of cars on the road today, and many of the modern vehicles on the streets are collecting information about a range of things including safety, performance, and the condition of the car. Vehicle data is set to become a goldmine for car companies and using this information will help to tailor the driving experience to your preferences in the future. In the present day, the majority of data is used to enhance the driving conditions with sensors and alerts to let you know important details such as when you need a service or if there are any faults with your vehicle.

With the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the information that is collected will soon pave the way for improved driving experiences and intelligent systems that can detect a range of things from driving patterns and road hazards that could potentially cause harm to the driver. If you’re intrigued about how data will be used in the future to bring you a safer and more enjoyable drive, take a look below.  

Current data usage

Most cars are storing information in some way, and for modern vehicles, this will involve data collection to help detect upcoming maintenance needs, which assists in keeping your car roadworthy. Some cars also have technology that helps in the event of an ‘unexpected incident’ such as a crash or breakdown, as the vehicle automatically alerts the emergency services of your issue. There are several data collection points in your vehicle including the GPS system, sensors, cameras plus many more, and each has a specific job to help make your journey easier.

Future of driving

We’re already seeing driverless cars and vehicles that can park on their own, so how does the data collected in your car contribute to these aspects. With machine learning, cars are able to detect obstacles and hazards such as severe weather and adapt to the conditions. This intelligence is driven by the data collected by your cameras and stores it for future reference. Automation and customization is something that is being developed all the time, and this will have remarkable effects on the car industry. Information will also start to move to the cloud, so you’ll be able to take data everywhere with you including rental cars.

Data collection and Privacy

The privacy of data is essential for all consumers, and this is somewhat untested in the current market data collection. The way information is used has been called into question, and similar to the ruling discussed by Secure Data Recovery in their latest article, how your data could be used against you is something that needs to be addressed.

The future of driving lies in the hands of the information collected by vehicles and car companies. These advancements could bring your experience on the road to a whole new level, plus they may also increase the safety aspects of road use to ensure both drivers and other road users are protected in the future.

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