• June 11, 2010

Differences Between Cars And Motorbikes, Through The Eyes Of A Common Man

Differences Between Cars And Motorbikes, Through The Eyes Of A Common Man

To the common man with not much technical knowledge about vehicles, cars and motorbikes are more or less the same thing – instruments for commuting. But, people who regularly deal with these things are trusted to realize the difference.

Photo by Mike Birchall

Speaking in the layman’s language, the fuel used in cars and motorbikes, the rate and extent of accidents in each of them, and car and motorcycle insurances are some of the differential aspects between cars and motorbikes.
The fuel used in cars is actually cheaper than that used in motorbikes. This is because of the friction modifiers used in car fuel which cannot be used in bike fuel owing to some technical complexities.

This is maintained, mainly to prevent motorcycles from getting into accidents. However, still it is seen or believed that motorbikes tend to face accidents more than cars. And statistics just helps in strengthening this common belief. It is seen that, the casualty rate per 100,000 registered motorcycles is 64.88 while that in case of registered cars is only 15.72. Thus, the chances of casualty in a bike accident are 4 times than in a car accident.

Again, 776.57 cars are reported with accidents per 100 million vehicle miles travelled. This number in case of cars is nearly half i.e. 423.14. But strangely enough, it has been revealed by one study that, in case of a car and motorbike crash, the driver of the car is found responsible, more often than the biker.

Notwithstanding whatever the above study says, the bike insurance companies, even the ones like Carole Nash, the favorite bike insurance company in the UK, refuse to provide personal and passenger injury coverage to the motorcyclist whose bike they are covering. This coverage is, however, provided by car insurance companies, despite the chances of general injury being more in case of car accidents than bike accidents.

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