• February 18, 2015

Dodge opens orders for the new 2015 ‘Shaker’ Models

Dodge opens orders for the new 2015 ‘Shaker’ Models

Dodge is celebrating the completion of 45 years of its ‘cold – air grabbing’ functional hood scoop which ‘shakes’ along with V – 8 Engine’s Legendary HEMI Movement.


  • Due to the ever increasing enthusiast demand, the Dodge will be bringing back the ‘Shaker’ to the line up of Challenger – expanding with the functional hood scoop of cold – air induction and two V- 8 HEMI engines and also three models packed with performance.
  • The ‘King’ of all Shakers is the brand new Dodge Challenger of 2015 equipped with a scat pack shaker 392 HEMI. It combines Dodge heritage cues and 485 horsepower engine (the best in its class) with a very functional Shaker hood.
  • Both the models of the Dodge Challenger, R/T Plus Shaker and R/T Shaker, feature the 5.7 litre V – 8 HEMI engine with a very unique intake design and hood which is combined with cold – air intake system.
  • The Dodge Challenger of 2015, both R/T Plus Shaker and the P/T Shaker, are available to be ordered now but the scat pack shaker 392 HEMI model will be made available to the customers only in March and not before that.

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