• March 28, 2012

Does your car have a personality?

First, it must be stated that every car has a personality. Even if the image it projects is staid and boring, that is the image the manufacturer decided would attract the ideal customer for that particular car. That said, car owners can deliberately choose and customise cars that suit their personality best. For a manufacturer that has a vast variety of current and historic models, Honda offers something for virtually any personality.

New Honda

Photo by boutmuet

Every new Honda combines equal parts practicality and style. As all of the current models are designed with these personality features in mind, a late model Honda is probably the easiest to match to the driver’s personality. This is, of course, assuming that the practical stylish base personality is that driver’s choice. Each model in the current and recent line is designed to convey this personality mix in a very slightly different manner. Fine tuning the personality choice is as simple as selecting the model that is the best fit.

Used Honda

Honda’s historic line-up of models offers a far greater breadth of personality choices than the late model vehicles. As times have changed and priorities have altered, the Honda line of cars has changed accordingly. A used Honda is the best choice for someone who truly wants to build a custom personality into a car.

Photo by cabarney

The first reason that the older models are a good choice to achieve a specific personality is that they are inexpensive. Paying so much less than a brand new vehicle leaves the owner more funds available to customise the car. While a person driving a brand new car might be extended to the financial limit by the payments, the same person could choose a used model and have the freedom to make changes.

After price, the fact that the line has been popular with drivers who wish to customise cars for decades is a massive advantage to older model vehicles. While there may or may not be a given aftermarket part for a model that has only been in production for a few months, for a model that has been on the streets ten years, there is an abundance of virtually every custom part imaginable.

Does your car have personality? For those who buy new Hondas, deciding on a personality is as easy as deciding on a specific model. For those who wish to exercise more creativity in fine tuning the car’s personality, a used Honda has limitless customisation potential.

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