• December 17, 2009

Engineering and Manufacturing Executive Changes that are announced by Toyota

Toyota Company is known as one of the most leading and famous companies of the world that is providing all latest and most exclusive products as well. Toyota company launched their operations in North America in the year of 1957. This company is generally using at least 14 different manufacturing plants at a time. There are more than 1,800 dealerships of Scion, Vehicles and Lexus of this company.

Photo by Auto123.com
Photo by Auto123.com

This company has at least 41 thousands of employs in the Northern America, and all its investments are currently appreciated at more than the 23 billion dollars. These operations have some sales and manufacturing research, development, financial services and also the designs of these products. Yearly purchase of Toyota for various types of goods, parts and manufacturing services for the suppliers of Northern Americans parts, materials, goods and services from North American suppliers totals nearly $25 billion.

There are some following managements changed that will be occurred in the year of 2010. Mike Bafan is named as president of the TABC parts plants in the state of California. Joe Da Rosa is announced a president of Mexico plants. Both the Rosa and Mike Bafan are replaced on the post of Hideki Matsunaga. Bungo Hayashi is appointed as senior vice president of TEMA production engineering. Brian Krinock has also taken the post of vice president of manufacturing at the Ontario plants of Cambridge. Brian will also give his duties and services as a same role for the Woodstock plants.

Masamichi Mizukoshi is also named as the vice president of TEMA corporation strategies. Jeff Moore is appointed vice president of Kentucky vehicle plants in the manufacturing department. Jeff will also offer his services as vice president in the West Virginia engine plants. Abbas Saadat is also appointed a vice president of vehicle performance development divisions 2 at the Toyota Technical Center in the state of Michigan. He also provides his responsibilities for the Division 1. Dino Triantafyllos is named as vice president of TEMA qualities, and Mike Sweers is also appointed as vice president of TTC interior designs as well.

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