• November 14, 2017

How to Ensure Your Exotic Vehicle Stays in Shape During Winter!

How to Ensure Your Exotic Vehicle Stays in Shape During Winter!

Snow does not need to ruin your plans or make you stay in the house on a Saturday night during the winter months. Ensuring your exotic car stays in shape during winter is possible by taking a few easy measures and by investing in the correct accessories.

Cover Your Vehicle During Snowstorms

Your exotic vehicle can receive damage during a snowstorm. If heavy snow is coming to your area, protect the paint of your exotic vehicle and make cleaning off much easier with luxury car covers. Investing in one of the many custom made car covers from California Car Cover Co. allows you to receive a cover that fits perfectly to your exotic vehicle. They also offer numerous car cover accessories, such as a car cover lock and cable kit, tie-down systems, tote bags, and multi-surface cleaner.

Snow Tires

Snow tires are the most important aspect during the winter months for any car. They have a deep, wide tread that grips the road more effectively than all-season tires. Many drivers who reside in colder climates keep all-season tires and snow tires in storage allowing them to switch when seasons change. A remarkable difference in both traction and safety comes with changing your tires during the winter months.

Washing Salt from Your Exotic Vehicle

The winter months tend to bring hazards along with them, but with an exotic vehicle, there are other issues you may face. During ice and snow, the salt mixture on the roads can be disastrous for any car. To protect the exhaust system and paint finish of your luxury vehicle, wash the salt off after driving on a regular basis. Be sure to also spray in the wheel wells and underneath your vehicle to help remove all the salt mixture.

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