• May 30, 2009

Environmental Friendly Nissan Motor’s Electric Vehicle

nissanNissan motors have planned to give a bold design to its forthcoming release Electric vehicle. They are also specific that the look shouldn’t have a tint of hybrid looks.

They wanted to have a rocking environmental friendly look to the car and they also don’t want to emulate Honda Insight hybridsToyota Puris and by advocating a wedge shaped outline propagating environmental friendliness.

Nissan Chief Designer Shiro Nakamura asserts that they are looking out for unique designs identifying EV and not hybrids. Nissan is yet to release the picture of this car and has planned the sales by next year.

Their unique design patterns are

  • Visible recharging plug
  • No grills
  • Flowing profile
  • Low hood enabled instead of the engine

Nakamura, Nissan Chief Designer said that the revelation of the concept of Electric vehicle will be on August. He also added that it is a five seater with front wheel drive. He dived into technical level of describing the car by explaining its drag coefficient as 0.30and also added that Pruis has 0.25 and Insight has 0.28.

He also said that there are plans to improve the drag co efficient by refining the design and enhancing underbody fittings for smoothening air flow. Nakamura took pride in saying that the car is a new milestone in the Green market.

Nakamura was happy to say that, as Electric vehicle doesn’t have bulky engine and gasoline tank, it has paved way for sleek designs. He also clearly said that EV is not designed from scratch but promised for a completely whole new design in near future in a more economical way.

Source: cnet

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