• May 4, 2016

The Growing Need for Expedited Shipping Services

The Growing Need for Expedited Shipping Services

Thanks to the Internet, online shopping has reached new heights. Every day, more people are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs. With this increase in online shopping, there is an increased need for fast shipping services. Expedited trucking companies were primarily used for the delivery of goods to corporate companies, but now they are seeing an increased demand for the delivery of consumer goods directly to customers’ doorsteps.
Types of Expedited Services

When a company offers expedited shipping, there are typically a few options available. A general rule of thumb is that the quicker you need the product, the more it’s going to cost. For example, some expedited shipping companies offer two-day and next-day shipping. It’s not uncommon for next-day shipping to be more costly than two-day shipping. Thanks to the fact that the Internet has streamlined the online ordering process, some expedited shipping companies offer same-day shipping, which is dependent on the time of day that you order your item. Most same-day shipping options have a certain cut-off time after which they are no longer available.

Primary Benefits of Expedited Shipping

The first and foremost benefit of expedited shipping is that you receive your goods fast. How quickly they arrive depends completely on the shipping option that you choose. However, the speed at which you get your goods isn’t the only benefit of expedited shipping. This type of shipping also comes with the assurance that your goods or package will arrive to its destination on time. Traditional shipping only offers a time frame as to when the package may arrive. Even then, it’s not a sure thing that it will arrive within that time frame. Additionally, expediting shipping companies use special trucks that can handle both small and large packages. These trucks are outfitted with special equipment that traditional delivery trucks don’t have.

While it’s true that expedited shipping costs slightly more than traditional shipping, the additional price comes with a number of great benefits. In the end, however, only companies and consumers can determine if expedited shipping is the right fit for their needs. They have to determine how much money they are willing to spend on shipping costs and how quickly they need their items.

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