• August 28, 2009

Ferrari 458 Italia Hits the Road

Ferrari 458 ItaliaThe new Ferrari 458 Italia has been finally up on the road as a supercar version of the previous Modena. The new Ferrari is all about glam and great performance with their interior being revealed through the newly released pictures.

The official unveiling of this model has had about more of the interiors and steering wheel made in a glorious way. This represents a gigantic technological leap for Ferrari which comes a long way from its usual concepts. There is a nice, ergonomic interface between the driver and the car in this model and the steering wheel with instrumental binnacle is going to represent one of the most fascinating parts of the car.

The commands and upgrades of the car are coming to be secondary with handily set satellite pods on either side. There have been new and comprehensive instruments playing and displaying the panel. They are very safe with dash of the new éclat being attached to the comprehensive model.

 SCredit: jalopnik

Overall the combinations are really great bringing over solutions that represent important safety features and a great driving experience which is rightfully top class in the F1 order. These solutions are totally great with maximum impacts coming through the approach of diverse derivatives in the F1 experience.

Source: jalopnik

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