• May 18, 2009

Ferrari F430 Gets a Unique Paint Styling

ferrai 430 calaveraThe Ferrari F430 is going to make its way quite soon with the replacement of the vehicle at Frankfurt show; two German firms have joined hands to give F430 a real unique style of branding with their efforts, these firms are Novitec Rosso and Unique Sportscars.

The new tattoo-style painting, which is a masterpiece of well-known airbrush artist Knud Tiroch, is going to answer many questions that are not asked usually including how it looks like if spent too much time with it on beach at Venice.

The full work over to this vehicle has been given by Novitec with its double superchargers that will offer it 707hp that is a lot more than F430 Evoluzione and that seems quite exceptional with TuNero version and with its adjustable suspension and requisite 20” wheels.

Some nice changes have also been introduced in the interior that adds daytime strip lights aside from front splitter, Novitec body kit and lots of other modifications.

ferrari f430

With all these mods, the custom will be able to hit 60 in 3.5 seconds and it will be at 216mph at its top speed. According to Unique Sports Car, only 11 models of it to be introduced that really seems to make it a great choice for those who know that there is no accounting for taste. So, we can guess that will be offered only to some selected ones.

Source: AutoBlog

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