• August 19, 2010

Finding a Used Car

My daughter surprised both me and my wife a few months ago when she managed to pass her driving test at the first time of asking! We had spent months and months, and hundreds of pounds helping her to learn to drive, and sometimes, when I was out with her in the Amazingly she got through the test without too much drama, and suddenly I was confronted with the promise that I had made to her right at the beginning of her driving lessons. I had told our daughter that if she passed her test the first time I would buy her a car!

Photo By Gallery Motor Company

It sounds unfair to say that I never thought she would, but I had an inkling she would struggle! Anyway, I wanted to stay true to my word, so I started to have a look around for something suitable for her. I was going to start by looking in the local paper, but after a quick flick through I couldn’t really see anything that was cheap enough yet relatively new. I decided that I might have a bit more luck online, so I started to try to find a site with a good amount of choice. I came across a site called Motors, and they had a Motors used car section that looked perfect. It was the sort of site where you put in your main wants, such as the manufacturer, price year and model, and it comes up with relevant results. Also, I was able to filter the results so that it only showed cars in our local area.

Near enough straight away I found what I was looking for – a Ford Fiesta which was under ten years old, with less than 70,000 miles on the clock for less than a thousand pounds. I knew that this would be reliable and it had full service history so I went to have a look. It turned out to be great and I drove it away that day ready for my daughter to find when she came home from College!

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