• August 4, 2010

Finding Specialist Bike Insurance

I have just moved to London from the countryside and I can’t believe how different life is in the big city! I have always wanted to move to London, but I have to say that the experience of living here is quite different to that of spending a few days here.

Photo By Myles Noton

Being a tourist in London is great, but living in London is a bit more of a challenge! I have to say that I am having a great time here, but it is so hard to get about in the capital. When I moved here I had my car with me, but after only one month the car is for sale in the local paper!

For the first time since I was eighteen I have bought a motorbike, but I must say that I was out of touch about insurance. I contacted my regular insurers, and the price was surprisingly high, given the amount of time I was going to use the bike for. I didn’t go with my normal insurers, because I was sure that I would be able to get a better deal somewhere else.

I started to have a look around for specialist bike insurance online, and pretty quickly I found what looked like a great site, called Carole Nash. I managed to speak to someone at the company and I had soon sorted out a cheaper deal by far in comparison to my original offer from my car insurers. I could now jump on my bike happy in the knowledge that I was paying less, and I would be bale to get to work on time!

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