• September 30, 2010

Finding the perfect car for my wife

I have to say that my wife doesn’t know the first thing about cars. This is fine with me, except that it means that whenever she decides she doesn’t like the car she is driving, I have to go out there and find her a new one!

For the last few years she has been driving a Freelander, but I think because it has become less fashionable to have an off road vehicle, she has decided that it is time for something new! Well, I am only too happy to help her, since I think that I am going to be able to persuade her to pick up something a little bit cheaper!

She wants to try and find a smaller car, which is nimble and easy to park and drive. Of course, there are plenty of possibilities for her in this market but because of the fact that parts are cheap and there are lots of dealerships that she could rely on to fix the car, I have suggested to her that she have a look at a vauxhall corsa for sale that I have seen online.

It is through one of those sites which allows you to compare the prices of cars online, and it also has some great functions like being able to input the amount you would like to spend before searching. My wife loved the look of the little black Corsa that I had seen, and I went to test drive it the very next day. It turned out to be perfect for what she wanted, and it was cheaper than what we sold the Freelander for!

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