• June 16, 2009

First Drive: 2010 Chevrolet Equinox ushers in New GM

Chevrolet EquinoxGeneral motors just a week after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection has unveiled all the new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox which neither been a loser nor had it been a winner in the compact crossover segment. As per the General motors plans the car is hoped to grab a major share in this segment!!! Equinox has got its new powertrains, with a four cylinder engine for the first time. Coming with the pairing of six – speed automatic transmissions with the 3.0 liter V6 engine model and the 4 cylinder engine model it seems to have everything new about it!! Only the sunroof module is seen to be carried over to the new module. Otherwise everything else has been modified and substituted. Check out if you get what you wanted from the vehicle with the v6 and four cylinder models and see whether it has the real qualities apart from being one of the competitive cars.

Engine Model

When you see Equinox for the first time you will get to know that the design team has put lots more effort when compared to the previous cars. All the dreary looks of the previous generation cars have been replaced by the best new looks, with a cool build and much more proportionate. The new look is too good and has gained a great improvement over the old ones both visually and functionally. Its similar to the recent Chevrolets, as this one also starts with a dual port grille that is lined up with a pair of jeweled headlamp clusters. The rising line along the edges seems to be really aggressive and causes a visual impact on the on looker.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox

The DNA of Chevy has started to grow well and has very well been reflected in the Equinox, which has a dual cockpit instrument panel layout that which is similar to Malibu and Traverse. The problem which was there in the previous models has very well been taken to heart and has been rectified. So all the alignment issues are now resolved and the performance seems to be much better. Mo Wazir, Vehicle Line Director for GM’s compact crossovers, says that the engineering team has addresses this issue with a high priority with the root cause approach while developing the Equinox. There has been changes in the assembly process; measures were taken to ensure the dashboard is installed much more consistently. Thus all the issues in the Equinox has testers that was sampled were better than before, however that doesn’t mean that the interiors of Equinox are all perfect.

First Drive

In the four cylinder model that latest added feature is that an ECO button is located which is in front of the shifter. In order to enhance the fuel efficiency this button has been added. It adjusts the shift map and the torque converter lock up points and thus provides an economic way of fuel usage. With this its said to improve the mileage by 1 mpg on the whole. So in the future, some more control over the electronic throttle response and cruise would be added.


So with all the new features and enhancements the Equinox is said to arrive in the next few weeks. And it deserves a look. Just wait and watch.

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