• January 22, 2010

First to hit the End! Joe Bacal made a Great Victory

Lexus LX 570

Joe Bacal, is only enter in the off-road racings from last two years, but with his stunning driving skills, he made and impeccable victory at Laughlin Desert Challenge 2010.

Photo by Lexus of Akron-Canton
Photo by Lexus of Akron-Canton

He was driving his Lexus LX 570, and heading first towards the end, and the other competitor Justin Matney, as the second coming slammed the Joe Bacal’s car and damaged it. It was close to the winning point when Justin Matney pushed him hard.

Joe Bacal recovered the lead shortly and passed him behind with full and thrilling speed, and leave Justin with no choice, but to embrace failure. Finally, Bacal gets the first class victory at Laughlin Desert Challenge 2010.

This was one of the most difficult races Bacal has ever been into. It was like a sprint race in the heart of desert and where speed just knocks you off! The only thing you can think of, is the finish line and makes you pretty much flat out. Bacal didn’t even have time to wipe his visor, it was fanatical but the Lexus is just like a sky rocket.

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