• April 9, 2010

First U.S. Demonstration of Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype in New York

Honda U3-X

Honda is renowned for being the amongst the leaders in the search for more effective transport. All their new concepts focus on comfort as well as safety, not to mention measures to reduce pollution.

Photo by pikturz2

Since the 1990s, Honda has been very active in the fields of robotics and automotive tech. This company has the potential to change the way the game is played, and it seems as though they’re just getting started.

Last Tuesday, which was the 6th of April, 2010, Honda held a demonstration of their new U3-X personal mobility vehicle’s prototype model in New York. This was the first time that this prototype was seen in the United States of America, having earlier been demonstrated at Tokyo as part of the Motor Show held there in 2009. From what was seen, the electric battery powered U3-X is highly maneuverable, with the rider being free to move the vehicle in any direction he chooses, including diagonally.

Movement in the desired direction can be achieved by leaning in that direction. Not too heavy, the Honda U3-X weighs in at less than 22 pounds, and has foot-rests that can be folded in for ease in carrying the unit from place to place.

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