• November 17, 2009

Five New Models from Honda

2010 Honda Motorbike

2010 will be the year for the Honda and the company wants to make sure that they do not leave any stones unturned to capture the Motorbike market. They are coming to party with five new models that will create havoc on the roads.

 SPhoto by kaoc94

These on-road machines are just what the doctor ordered for Honda especially after they did not particularly have a mind blowing 2009. The five on-road machines would be Sabre, Stateline, Interstate, Shadow and the ST1300. These bikes as Honda believe will revolutionize the roads and riding will never be the same, be it races, biker or anyone who wants a beast on the road. The best part of Honda is that whenever they unveil la new product they do it with a bang and they offer a lot of discounts on their machines. So, if you are interested in these machines, now would be the time to get yourself one.

Moreover, Honda believes that the performance of these vehicles is immense and for the product, the prices are quite cheap.  With a mixture of colors from black and candy red to blue and even a metallic color, these bikes will make the roads look vibrant. The best part about these machines is that they are for everybody: the races, the lone rider and even for the long distance traveler.

After these machines are unveiled you will also get to see yourself riding like a Valentino Rossi or a Casey stoner, only not on track but on roads. Not only has Honda expanded their line of cruisers but they have also made sure that with these new bikes, they have a lot more takers and they expand economically as well.


  • What a mouth watering news

  • look Cool. I guess i need to get out and test one.

  • Thank you for this information. Honda always provides a high quality products.

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