• February 11, 2009

Ford F-10 – Harley-Davidson Truck

harley-davidsonFord F-10 Harley-Davidson is a 14th edition of super charged pickup truck. It has the result of a collaboration between an automotive; Ford, and a motorcycle developer; Harley-Davidson.

The look of the truck is a clear picture of the joined venture; both outwardly and inwardly. Though there are few details a hand, yet a few pictures are available on net.

The exterior is different with a 6 bars grill at the front. This grill is badge at the center with the logo made with chrome and aluminum. The sides of the truck are dressed with color strips at the bottom of the both sides.

The contrasting orange-bronze color on a tuxedo black or deep maroon background gives a lively look to the pickup truck. The truck is available in two color schemes.

It has 5.4 liters V-8, and is coming with 2 WD and 4 WD options. The supercharged version of V-8 is a 2 WD.


Talking on performance grounds, 2 WD is a better option amongst the two. It is a vehicle of 390hp with a torque of 390 lbs-ft. It is a six speed automatic transmission vehicle. Exhaust note comes with sport tuning.


The truck has been given a pompous look by installing 22 inches tires. These are the largest tire size in the whole F-series.


Adding more to its biker impact, the exterior has been stacked with leather seats, with a ribbed treatment. Detailed with engraved button snaps and zippers from Harley jackets, it looks awesome.

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