• March 3, 2011

Ford is using the Global Design Approach for its Upcoming Sports Car “Mustang”

Sports Car “Mustang”

Globalization has greatly affected the Whole world; automotive industry is among those which have molded itself according to the globalization. The most promising example is the approach used by the Ford motors. Styling theme for the next-generation Pony car (Mustang) will be projected by the studios in Europe, Australia and other regions.

Ford’s vice-president for its Global product (Derrick Kuzak) said at Geneva auto-show “It is the common process we use on every vehicle”. Ford adopts this approach to involve all the studios in deciding styling theme, in order to fabricate the best vehicle. It’s been three years that Ford is using this Joint approach. Mustang is the Sports Coupe that is expected to be launched in 2014.

Why Ford is focusing on Global design approach? Its simple fierce competition in automotive industry influenced Ford Motors to change its strategies and to give its best. Customers prefer most stylish cars especially when it comes to sports cars. When the people from studios of Europe, Australia and other regions will contribute in deciding styling theme, a pool of opinion will be generated that will help Ford to give its best shot.

Kuzak is of the point of view that “Mustang is not just an icon in North America, it is an icon globally”. This point of view of Kuzak clearly reflects the Ford’s decision for its Global design approach.

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