• July 24, 2013

Ford Motor Company

logoBack in 1903 a small guy named Henry Ford started a company.  Today that company is one of what the auto industry calls “the big three”. The ford motor company introduced the industry to large scale manufacturing of cars and work forces.  Ford together with Chrysler and General Motors began the QS9000 quality system that is required by all of their suppliers.

QS9000 was adapted for the auto and heavy truck industry from the ISO9000 quality standard that is used today all around the world.  Ford is the second largest U.S. and fifth largest in the world for making cars as of 2010. Ford at the end of 2010 sat 8th on the 2010 Fortune 500 list. Today Ford employs over 213,000 people at their 90 worldwide plants.

Ford has had an interesting history of firsts in the car industry. Ford was first to introduce an engine with a removable cylinder head. That was in the Model T in 1908. The first car glass windshield was in the Model A which Ford produced in 1930. Ford also produced the first low priced V8 engine powered car in 1932. In 1956 Ford put together a safety package that included rear seat belts.

Ford has owned or partially owned a few brands of cars over the years. Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel, Merkur, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo and the Land Rover. Some of these the company has since sold. Ford has had the responsibility for seven models of trucks the most popular is the F-150 and the Ford Ranger. Ford made a deal with Toyota to share the patent on Hybrid technology and in 2005 introduced the Hybrid-Electric Escape. The Escape was the first Hybrid SUV to hit the market and was also the first able to use flexible fuel. As of 2007 Ford had 13 models in the U.S. that were capable of 30 miles per gallon or better and some models became recognized as ‘best in class’ for fuel economy.

One milestone Ford is very proud of is the fact that the Mustang has been in production for 50 years. Ford plans to have products available for the celebration. There will be watches and T-shirts and model cars available.  They made a clean new logo for the Mustang and only 50 suppliers will be licensed to make products for the celebration.  Union, N.J based Schott NYC was the first company to be granted a license to design a Mustang Jacket for the event. Schott is celebrating its 100 year anniversary at the same time. Schott was responsible for supplying sheepskin bomber jackets, leather flight jackets and pea-coats for our U.S. troops during World War 2.

Ford is known for community service. The Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services have a group they call Ford in the Community. They had done projects to feed the hungry. Volunteer teams have helped out during the many tornado disasters that have happened in the central U.S. The team has even offered program called Driving Skills for Life dedicated to safe driving for all.  Today there are Ford dealerships (like TindolFord.com) showcasing the great brand that Henry once began.


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