• July 28, 2009

Ford’s Aviation Inspired Dearborn Doll Mustang

Ford Mustang AV-X10Certain versions of Ford’s Mustang have taken the world by a storm. The next 2010 version of the Mustang will feel fast and sassy as well as tough. There are going to be enough Ford tricks to be included in it to make it special. You will not want to miss this car with is just a pony car tricked to come to be like aviation with its new theme.

The next AV X10 or Dearborn Doll is going to be a Mustang GT. This model was created by one of Ford’s best designers and engineers.

The power of this supercharged 550 hp and 4.6 liter Racing car is again modified with the packing and handling. It has been made to be as suave and wonderful with great tuning and tipping. The ride height has been lowered to an inch as well.

2010 Ford Mustang AV-X10

The aviation theme is going to be a dear one at first glance.

Source: autoweek

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