• September 12, 2009

Ford’s Battery Electric Focus

Ford Electric FocusFord’s battery electric focus is all exclusive with the vehicle coming on the Jay Leno Show. This is going to be a car that takes on the greening of the environment challenge very well. The new car will be on show at the NBC program with the attributes on the showcase battery being given to this vehicle.

The electric vehicle will be participating in the Green Car Challenge with the new premiering. This debut will be made on September 14th. The Green Car Challenge will bring about some of the most interesting track times of all. It will have the first seasons on the show filled up with celebrities that will carry forward the message of this green car.

Among all the automakers to participate in this challenge Ford will be the only one to bring about the new electric operated system in a vehicle. The company will introduce a battery electric Transit Connect in 2010 with the Focus sedan coming out too in 2011. This challenge will thus set about ways to bring battery electric modes to be used in the future cars.

Ford Motor is teaming up with the Jay Leno Show to bring about more awareness how battery operated cars can be set into the mainstream. The Ford Focus will have celebrities driving to the Jay Leno Show as a way of focusing on a form of marketing to make it popular and more positive for people.

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