• September 28, 2009

Ford’s Global CEO on the New Ford Figo

Ford FigoFord’s global CEO has expressed his opinion that the new Ford Figo has been targeting India’s market in a big way making major shifts in plans with export sales.

India is supposed to be the biggest important players with the future generation of Ford Marketing deals. The international strategy undertaken by Ford has been headed by the creative plans and designs of Alan Mulally, Ford’s President and CEO. The target to the heart of Indian car market has been made by new Ford Figo in a big way.

Ford Figo is a great nameplate offering big freshness and competition to the Indian market, all anew. There is a huge market segment here that is going to be ready for this new explosion.

Ford Figo has been particularly designed with the new Indian market and its tenaciousness in design. There is going to be significant investment regarding the fruition of this plan.

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