• August 3, 2009

Ford’s New Strategy for Taurus Buyers

Ford TaurusFord is all set to use football as its own reason to get Taurus to be sold. They have been trying to convince new customer groups to sell off their Taurus. The stodgy car has not been making much of sales but they have come out now being re-engineered.

The restyled Taurus for 2010 is about to come out next week with the car dealership being extended for all to use. This push sale is being made to state that Ford is not another US car dealer like Mustang.

Matt Van Dyke of Ford’s US has been saying that the crossover was needed for making their Taurus sales special. Taurus also seems like a high profile sports car being broadcast through National channels and much more diverse ways.

Ford’s target has been getting through the Football league to get a whole different range of customers’ line up!

Source: autoweek

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