• February 10, 2009

Ford to Bring All-electric Version of its 2010 Transit Connect

electric_powerOn Monday, Ford announced that the company is planning to introduce an all-electric version of its 2010 Transit Connect in North America.

The new version will be introduced with Ford’s gasoline powered 2.0 liter model.

This all-electric version is based on the global Transit Connect platform and it will be developed in Turkey and delivered to the United States. Smith Electric Vehicles will outfit the vehicle.

Only few details are available about the vehicle still, and it has not been announced what kind of battery it will have and who is its supplier.

However, it can be gathered that if the same is provided what Smith Electric Vehicles has been provided to North American markets, it will be powered with two 24KWH batteries of lithium ion. It will provide it a 70 mph top speed and a 100 miles range.


This Transit Connect is a small alternative of a full size cargo van and it will be outfitted for passenger use or for package delivery.

It is being expected that their initial sales volume will be small, but Ford is considering selling the fleet to commercial industries and other groups in the govt.

Ford Reflex Concept

According to a Ford’s spokesperson, the vehicle will serve best to the companies whose vehicles run on the set routes and which have to return at their central location to charge again.

There is no word about the pricing of this first all-electric Transit Connect from Ford.

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