• February 9, 2012

Ford’s New Escape Hybrid System Favors Variable Climate and Driving Conditions

Winter season is at its peak, you might be having tough time regarding your vehicles as vehicles become problematic in winters. Ford has come up with effective solution of your problem and introduced all-wheel drive system for all-new Ford Escape. This system will solve biggest problem of drivers who find it difficult to operate vehicle over snow and in slippery conditions.

Ford has smartly developed solution of this problem and designed intelligent software for Ford all wheel drive system. This software works tremendously well and faster than your imagination, this system helps the driver to readjust the power split so that one could enjoy precise handling and accurate traction in different weather conditions.

How this System Works?

When the driver will drive on ice and front part of vehicle jumps on ice and back portion on pavement this all-wheel drive system will be effective then by sending all the torque that an engine can produce to rear side. It means this system will really work by putting power whenever you need it.

Senior Engineer, All-wheel-drive system development Joe Torres said “This is a very robust system, tested and tuned around the world in many conditions.”

Latest Sensors and Software

All-wheel drive system employs most up-to-date sensors and software. In order to provide exceptional driving performance in wet as well as dry conditions this system collects data from 25 signals that includes;

  • Wheel Speed
  • Accelerator Pedal Position
  • Steering Wheel Angle

All-New Ford Escape with Ground Breaking Technologies

Driver can move with confidence through dangerous turns because all-new Ford Escape is equipped with several ground-breaking technological features which includes;

  • Torque Vectoring Control
  • Curve Control

Ford introduced above mentioned technologies in Ford Escape for the very first time.

Ford’s All-Wheel Drive System is Tested and Approved

This system has been tested on tough mountains of New Zealand and rough deserts of California and it is tested in following weather conditions;

  • Snow
  • Long Mountain Passes
  • Extensive Hills
  • High Temperature
  • Off-Road conditions

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