• March 16, 2012

Future Toyota B-segment hybrid- A Review

Now you can drive with the future car as Toyota has launched its Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid, FT-Bh. The new car will be making its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Full- Hybrid efficiency is expected from the powerful engine. Latest technology is used to engineer this vehicle.

Toyota Motor Europe president and CEO Didier Leroy said,

“One year ago we challenged our engineers and designers to come up with a small super efficient car at an affordable price, reinforcing our environmental leadership in the coming years.”FT-Bh is the result: a full hybrid four-seater less than four metres long,”

Mr. Leroy further said at the concept’s launch,

“It combines full hybrid efficiency, advanced aerodynamics and ultra-lightness – all achieved at a cost-level appropriate for a high-volume B-segment car.”Having achieved such impressive results in a small car, we will be able to transfer the benefits to larger Toyotas.”

Let’s have a look what smart features will this new spectacular vehicle will have.

Assorted Models

By using Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, following two models of FT-Bh wil be introduced in the auto markets

  • CNG hybrid
  • Plug-in hybrid

Exceptional Exterior

FT-Bh will exhibit an exceptional exterior with huge lower grille, together with a carved bonnet and thin roof pillars. The headlamps are integrated elegantly in the front. The aerodynamic body is manufactured to make it super light in weight. The FT-Bh is 3,985mm long, 1,400mm tall and 1,695mm wide with a 2,570mm wheelbase. The weight is reduced to 786kg by using high-tensile steel, aluminum and magnesium which not only increases the speed and avid thermal losses. The 18-inch wheels are fixed with slim, huge diameter 145/55 low-rolling resistance tyres.

Spacious Interior

The interior is made spacious with a large cabin. The interior roof is designed with stretched fabric. The seats are also made comfortable so that your whole family can relax and enjoy while driving.

Fuel Efficient Engine

The two-cylinder, 1.0-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine is expected to give powerful performance. The engine can give high fuel efficiency with low thermal capacity. Fuel economy of just 2.1 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of just 49 grams/km is expected from the new vehicle.

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology will be the trait of new FT-Bh.

  • Air-stream alloy wheels
  • Cameras
  • A pagoda-style roof
  • Thermal energy management with glazing and matte paint
  • Electricity saving by LED headlamps, interior lighting and other electrical components

So, get ready to experience the new car of future, the Future Toyota B-segment hybrid.

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