• May 14, 2009

Futuristic View of Electric Car

fisker karma sThe electric car is yet to come but this yet to be invented machine has already stirred in a string of questions. There are various queries and doubts about the yet to be invented electric car that remain unanswered.

However, it is the looks of this electric car that continue to be the most common topics of discussion and speculation. With so many car designers already rocking the market, it is obvious that the electric car will have various versions. Every designer has it’s own idea as regards the looks of the electric car.

While the Toyota Prius has set the bar quite high with some absolutely unusual and breathtaking looks, the Chevrolet Volt sticks to the conventional design. Electric sports sedan and roadster are some other options in the electric car category that are being highly anticipated because of their looks.

Whilst driving electricity into automobiles may seem as a hurdle or a matter of inconvenience for use, designers say that this providers them with numerous designing opportunities. Since electric cars don’t require much ventilation like their traditional counterparts, the designers have numerous options to shape the face of the car.

fisker karma s

The hood, yet another prominent aspect of the looks of a car will also have to undergo its stages of transformation. The reason for the same is that electric motors require less space as compared to the conventional ones.

There is a constant struggle to achieve the right balance between traditional design and unusual looks. So while the automobile must be in sync with the mainstream, it needs to have the X, Y and the Z factor put together to score a full mark in looks. With top designers already glued in to create the best looking electric car, the consumer is sure to be spoilt for choice.

Source: AutoWeek

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