• March 25, 2010

GE Rolls-Royce fighter engine team hits afterburner on third new engine

The GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team has hit success again with its third new production-configuration engine which marks a continuation of a year of major progress and milestones for the F136 program.

Photo by GE Reports

All these afterburner tests were carried out in an advanced testing facility at GE. The major objectives that were aimed at were reached during this phase of testing, which includes an engine nozzle that is common to both F-35 engine programs. They also achieved the objective of maintaining interchangeability of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft with the F136 engine.

The six F136 engines are scheduled for testing this year for measuring engine performance and endurance since the competitive engine for the F-35 program is consistently demonstrating steady progress and significant milestones.

So far the F136 performance is meeting all expectations in areas of thrust, temperature margins, and fuel consumption meaning that it will play a vital role when competing in the Joint Strike Fighter program. With such steady and regular progress, the GE Rolls Royce fighter engine team has reason to be as confident as they appear.

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