• March 8, 2011

Global Auto-makers are in Trouble

Auto Makers in Trouble

Global auto-makers are facing a big problem these days. Manufacturing faults have arisen in some of their vehicles. Honda, Toyota and Chrysler are the auto-mobile companies that are facing this issue. These World-renowned automobile companies are on the way to sort out this issue.


In response to this problem Honda has recollected above 35,000 Civic hybrids in U.S.A after the customer complaint about its electrical system that may affects the functioning of headlights and engine. Honda received 7 complaints about the engine and 82 similar warranty claims. Honda’s dealers will swap the voltage converter, free of cost.


On the other hand Toyota’s customers complaint about the tire-pressure monitoring system in (2008-2011 model year) SUVs and trucks i.e. Toyota FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra. The tire-pressure in these vehicles does not meet the Federal safety standards. That’s why Toyota recollected about 22,000 vehicles to fix the problem.


Last but not the least, Chrysler recalled 20,000 (2010-2012 model year) Jeep Wranglers after the complaint about steering malfunctioning. This problem is very serious as the driver can lose control over the vehicle if steering come to a standstill.

Toyota, Honda and Chrysler want to maintain their goodwill, that’s why they are responding to customers’ complaint in an efficient manner.

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