• December 29, 2008

GM previews its new fuel-saving techs for upcoming models

GM has previewed its new fuel-economy technologies for its 2009-10 models. Just like many other automakers, General Motors has opted for the cost effective direct-injected fuel engines to enhance mileage, reduce the outputs of emission and uphold ample power in the coming vehicle lineups.

A four-cylinder 2.4L and a V6 3.0L are two engines that reveal about GM’s direct injection surge. These two engines are expected to debut Detroit auto show during next month under 2010 Chevrolet Equinox hood.

Before looking into General Motors’ swelling lineup of Direct Engines, it is better to analyze this technology.

In motors with direct-injected engines, the fuel is directly delivered into every cylinder where it evaporates first and cools the compressed air mixture of the fuel that helps it to be more tolerant of increased ratio of compression.

In regular engines, a lot of evaporation and injection take place in their intake runners. In other words, this process becomes the cause of less consumption of fuel, decreased emission and equal production of the power.

To boost performance, both these engines use changeable valve timing on the intake as well as exhaust cams. In the 2.4L four-cylinder can produce 182 horsepower at 6700rpm and it has an 11.4:1 high-compression ratio for maximum power. While, the bigger 3.0L V-6 produces 255-horsepower at 241-lb-ft.

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