• July 31, 2009

GM Returns to Leasing Luxury Vehicles

GMGM has decided to start leasing their luxury vehicles on a wider basis. They are, according to the Chairman Bob Lutz, going to be backed into leasing in a greatly subsidized amount. This is about to increase their volume of business and profitability. The overall business making scheme is going to increase the amount of profit and definitely going to veer customers more towards luxury vehicles ways.

The recession has really pulled in a shade in the amount of sales but there are higher end profits to be deduced with the new plans. The July 29th interview with the chairman of GM revealed their new plans where they are expected to make higher end profits with the new senses of the GM to do more of their expected sales.

The chairman said that this would mean a new direction for GM as they resume leasing on luxury vehicles again. The market is now getting more stabilized and heavier to deal with fresh waves. There are logical portions of profits about to be pulled out through this way.

Luxury Vehicles

The leasing also frees up credits for customers and so many prefer using high brand cars that way. So overall it seems to be a grand move for GM to move back into the lease market.

Source: autoweek

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