• June 18, 2013

GMC Sierra Bested by Ford F-150

F150Why are Fords so popular? Good question. Of course the answer is simple and one that every car buyer knows. Affordability, style, reliability and comfort are the things people usually look for when they purchase a new car. Ford seems to have included those elements in many of its models throughout the years. The number one selling American truck in this country is the Ford F-Series. It has sold almost 40 million since 1948 and that ranks it at the top as far as being America’s most-loved and best selling vehicle for nearly thirty years. That’s vehicle – not truck.

It’s the best selling American made vehicle, not just truck or car or van or anything else. That is pretty cool and Ford should be mighty proud of that fact.

The Ford F-Series was introduced in 1948 and continues today as still the best selling American vehicle in the U.S. When Ford cranked out the first batch of these trucks they were known as the Ford Bonus Built. They came in different weight ratings that included a pickup truck, a cab-over engine, some school bus models, a conventional truck and a panel truck model.

There have been twelve generations so far and Ford is working on the thirteenth gen truck design for 2015 as we breathe. You can view the current models on Kayser Ford Inventory page for a better understanding of today’s designs. A lot of the F-Series trucks are considered classics and are highly collectable.  The ’48s are highly desirable of course, and some of the early 1950s versions of the second generation are in demand by Ford and classic car aficionados and always draw a lot of attention at ad hoc car shows.

A great deal of the other Ford F-Series trucks can command steep selling prices and many are still used as work horses. Since Ford designed their trucks with a lot of style and strength and durability, a lot of those old Ford trucks are still part of the frontier and work ethic of the farming and ranching worlds. They can still be seen carrying hay or galloping around on dirt roads to get where they’re needed in a hurry. Ford built them to be rough and ready and that’s exactly what Americans want in a truck. That’s what Americans want in a vehicle.

The F-Series keeps getting better with each generation and they get more stylish and comfortable, too. The price is right every year and by the looks of it, seeing all these older models on the road, Ford trucks are obviously pretty reliable. Maybe Ford is on to something.


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