• September 28, 2019

Some Good Ways to Avoid Accidents

Some Good Ways to Avoid Accidents

There are a few good ways to avoid accidents or the risk of getting into an accident. One of them is to make sure that you leave in good time so that you can avoid stress while driving. You also need to make sure that you concentrate fully on driving and limit any other distractions such as phone calls, map reading or texting. Speed is another important factor, where high speed increases accidents as it gives you less time to react and your braking distance is prolonged.

Avoid driving in bad conditions such as thunderstorms, snowstorms or other severe weather conditions. Even heavy fog can increase the chances of accidents. Heavy rain increases the chances for aquaplaning, which is the highest risk of accidents during rain.  This comes from the tire losing contact with the road surface. The risk of aquaplaning increases with speed and also with a reduced tread of worn-out tires. When driving in snowstorms, you will need to make sure that you have winter-approved tires that can handle the snowy and icy condition. Altogether it is always better to avoid driving and wait until the bad weather has passed before venturing out on the streets

Having good tires is an important part of reducing the risk of accidents. Tires provide the car with its grip so that you can remain safely on the road. Without the proper grip, you will skid and you won’t be able to brake in time to avoid an accident. As the tires wear out the tread depth will decrease. You need to a good tread depth in order to have a good grip. As you go below 4 mm or 5/32 inches you will start prolonging your braking distance and are more likely to get into accidents. You are also more likely to experience aquaplaning.

When it comes to the winter season, you will need to make sure that you have proper snow tires. Snow tires are designed with the winter in mind and are dedicated winter tires, so you will need to remove them when the winter season ends. For the warmer seasons, you should use all-season tires. This way you will have the best conditions to avoid accidents, as you will have the best tire option for both the summer and the winter season, with safe driving properties for all the weather conditions associated with it.

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