• February 23, 2012

Great European Scenic Drives

Photo by JoshMcConnell

One of the best holidays that anyone can take is a scenic drive through some of the best landscape that Europe has to offer. Preparations for such a holiday should include aspects like choosing the right kind of car depending on the terrain of the country, which is the holiday destination of choice. On the more mundane side, but essential nevertheless, holiday goers should take the time to compare car insurance to protect their vehicle and themselves before taking off the Great European sojourn.

Few Great Countries

Some of the countries in Europe offer a heady mix of romance, history and adventure. Holidays can thus be planned according to the country that an individual has always wanted to visit. Choosing from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and France (and so many other exotic countries) can be very difficult but here is some information on a few of the things these countries can offer.

Germany, a mighty nation, can offer beautiful architecture and pastoral sceneries and some rich history to drive through. The Rhine River Valley can take an individual through castles and towers that have seen some fierce history. The Romantic Road can make for a driving holiday through the diverse architecture of medieval churches, beer halls of Bavaria and frescoed ceilings. The Amalfi Drive in Italy would see the road meandering through quaint fishing villages and a breathtaking coast line. This drive can also be for the more adventurous minded, since it winds through a lot of twists and turns and cliff paths. France can evoke extremely romantic drives with a drive through the French Riviera. Wine, beaches, art galleries and some awe inspiring churches can pepper this scenic route.

Few Great Routes

Just their names can conjure up visions of mouthwatering beauty and nature at its very best. Looking for specific routes or roads can mean a holiday on the Atlantic Road or the very prettily titled Daisy Road. Again, depending on the kind of things that make a perfect holiday, an individual can choose from many possibilities.

Wine tourism is a great holiday and driving the Alsace Wine Route also called Route de Vins can form a heady (in more ways than one!) holiday through the vineyards of Alsace. On this road, towns like Strasbourg, Thann and the winstuben or wine taverns are some of the sites that need to be visited. The Atlantic Road will take an individual through a very short drive in Norway, but the bridges on this route can leave a permanent imprint on the souls of any person. Some awesome engineering has gone into the making of these marvels. The sea is a constant companion on this route.

Few Routes between Countries

Depending on the time to spare, some of Europe’s beautiful countryside can also be explored with short road trips. One such instance of a day journey is the trip between Meteora and Ioannina in Greece. While it is labeled as a day trip, it might take longer simply because every vista offers a photo op! The Basque circuit, around 300 miles, is also a scenic hill drive through Spain and France.

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