• August 27, 2009

Henry Ford’s Great Grandson to Enter the Stage

Henry Ford IIIThe 29 year old Henry Ford III will be seen making Ford’s next auto executive. He is the direct ascendant of Henry Ford who was the founder of Ford Motor Co. The great grandson is now next in line in the accession of Ford’s monarchy. He is not going to blow you up with his MBA from MIT or laborious says in the plant. But this dude has had his time dealing with rambunctious kids in junior high school where he has been an English teacher for two years.

“Talk about high energy”, he muses. We do understand what it takes to manage a roomful of kids and their unending enthusiasm. Henry Ford III has been able to enjoy and garner experience from all of that. He has been particularly adept at keeping them focused and interested with his enthusiasm and have earned wonderful reputation as a teacher.

The kids loved his stellar presence and great imagination in bringing alive the pieces of literature into their lives. It has been reported that they were glued to their seats with intense focus and loved each lesson. Kids particularly loved looking forward to their English classes while the junior Ford was in tenure. He now says that he is now ready to plunge in any board room discussion or labor contract deal for Ford with the high end experience that he received from his school teaching job!

Source: autoweek

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