• January 5, 2011

History and Facts of Hybrid Cars

Facts of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have always been in usage since hundreds of years. A hybrid car constitutes an engine which is gasoline based or with electric batteries as the purpose of consumer is to drive a car which has less consumption and more efficiency. The combination of two makes it more efficient to work. The gasoline ignition which is used in hybrid cars is slightly smaller than the cylinders use in normal cars, thus it means lighter parts, few cylinders and a more efficient way for engine load to operate.This makes the car to consume less gasoline and less release of smoke in atmosphere so ultimately it helps in reducing environmental pollution.

Normally Hybrid cars use petrol engine for constant speeds and electric motors for unsteady ways with speed which requires more assistance as it accelerates more in hilly areas. This technology helps to improve gasoline consumption plus reduces emission pumped in atmosphere, efficient aerodynamics means less energy requirement for efficient performance of cars.

If history is been looked at then the first gasoline car that manufactured was back in 1901 by Ferdinand Porsche. Those specifications are still being used in Hybrid cars technology with further modification.

  • In 1915 Woods Motor Vehicle manufacturers formed a Dual power Hybrid car which has the main purpose of combining the two and producing a single output of power in order to operate engine at low speed and to carry forward vehicle up to 55km/hr. But then the manufacturing of such kind of hybrid car was being stopped in 1918.
  • In the era of 1960s and 70’s Victor Wouk who was due to his creative hybrid designs named as Godfather of Hybrid proposed a difficult and proponent designs of hybrid electric vehicles. He also modified Buick Skylark from gasoline to Hybrid. But then due to his issues with Environmental Protection agency his work was also being stopped afterwards.
  • In 1978 regenerative braking system was introduced by David Arthurs which has the purpose of operating efficient electric motor to slows down the car, gather power and vitalize it to recharge the electric batteries in the car, this technology helps to make hybrid car more efficient in usage. He used standard car component and change Opel GT to offer 75miles per gallon and many other home conversions using this system.
  • In 1993 government agencies including Chrysler, Ford, GM, and USCAR did partnership for a new generation of Vehicles(PNGV) .the purpose of this mutual partnership was to generate new vehicles with efficient operations and development of hybrid electric cars in a more better way. Despite of these big names, Toyota and Honda got a remarkable position in the market in hybrid cars manufacturing. The SUV was being negated because of its consumption. Hybrid Ford Escape was introduced in 2005.
  • Toyota is the only company which has worked extensively on hybrid technology and improved it. They have wide range of hybrid version i.e. Lexus, hybrid motorcycles, pickups, vans, and other road going vehicles available to the consumer and a list goes on with improvements up till now. In 1997 Toyota launched a first commercial hybrid car Toyota Prius.

The types of hybrid vehicles are mild, full and plug in hybrid. In mild electric motor and battery is used for internal combustion whereas in full hybrid both electric motor and internal engine works together or separately. In plug in hybrid the internal combustion engine works itself as an electric motor to generate power.

Some obvious facts of hybrid cars available today are that gasoline is used as the main source of power with the ability to switch directly to electric motor. Mostly hybrid cars don’t need any plug in charging, they get charged itself when they are moving. Due to less consumption ability they are quite economical. the only complains that is been heard by the consumer is about the high cost of hybrid battery pack but this pack comes in the market with 38 modules so the consumer just need to change the one which is not working not the whole pack. The added advantages of hybrid cars are that the more usage of it omits the factor of environmental pollution because of low emission.


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