• February 3, 2010

Holden Meets Toyota For Bathurst

Bob Holden is showcasing his 35th race in the Mt. Panorama along with an old driver at an age of 77, Toyota Yaris has confirmed to drive in this year’s Bathurst. It will be a 12 hours race will be arranged on the 14th February.

Photo by nordschleifenfan

Holden was the winner of 1996 edition of Bathurst and now it is 1000’s, he drove the 1.5 liter YRX of Yaris in the limited produced version accompanied with driver Justin Mathews and Craig Bradshaw.

Holden has a wide experience of racing from more than 60 years and still moving forward to Bathurst in a car he prepared himself by taking help of other experts.

Holden was pleasurably shocked on Yaris’s performance, but he always preferred to enjoy driving the small cars. His preparations are moving very positive in the right directions and they have spent 2 days in testing his car at Oran Park. In 1987, upon victory at Bathurst by driving a AE86 Sprinter, Holden still crusade a Toyota Corolla.

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